War Girl



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When the city is invaded, only one weapon will save us…WAR GIRL! War Girl is a government weapons program, and the woman who becomes giant(ripping out of her clothes) to stop threats terrorizing her city is a very sexy woman…with needs. The people of the city love her(specially the guys), but the problem is War Girl becomes easily aroused which makes her grow bigger, which makes her more aroused! This only leads to city destruction due to her growth, masturbation and more! Just wait till you see what she does with public transportation! This comic contains giantess, growing, clothes ripping, shoe busting, oral sex from growing woman, cum shot on face of giantess, growth during masturbation, POV views, city destruction, vehicle and airplane destruction, car crushing, giantess growing to larger giantess, oral insertion of vehicles, giantess sex juices dripping on normal size woman, breast smothering or airplane, ass destruction of walls and windows, destruction causing growth and more!

Growth is caused by sexual stimulation and adrenaline. All characters 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ, Art by Salo.

Collectors Edition contains all text and no text pages, a sexy pin up of an extra busty Kim from Farm Grown in farm attire by the Farm Grown art team, sketch page of War Girl featuring giantess giving thorough oral sex to normal size man while she is growing, ink page featuring giantess growing while masturbating with vehicle, full color character design page, advanced full color preview of Leaves of Change 3 featuring a much larger Jade having her way with two men at one time, and advanced full color preview of Daisy’s Colossal Day featuring a soon to be very large and angry sexy busty office woman and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition