The Atlas Touch 4



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The man with the female muscle growing touch is back! Atlas Touch 4 follows Russ as he is dragged to a Heaven and Hell fraternity party, where the women are dressed as sexy angels and devils! The rooms are really crowded, will Russ be able to move through them without accidentally touching the girls? And what did Lily wish for, and what happens when she tests the wish on Denise? Find out in Atlas Touch 4! This comic contains FMG, giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, amazon giantess sex with normal size man, oral sex to normal size man from amazon giantess, cum shot on amazon giantess face and chest, multiple women growing to amazon giantess with clothes ripping in the process, growing amazon vs jocks feats of strength and more!

Growth is caused by touch. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ and Joe, lines by Oscar Celestini, Colors by Milen.

Collectors Edition is 51 pages and includes all text and no text pages, a full color alternate cover by the Vitamin Z team of Arturo and Cexi featuring a very large clothes shredded mostly nude Denise flexing, sketch pages featuring female muscle, height and breast growth along with clothes ripping, ink pages featuring more female muscle growth and clothes ripping along with amazon growth to giantess amazon during tug of war, advanced full color preview of GTS Rift featuring the Kaigiantess busting machine Areola Twister taking on a huge powerful muscle giantess while she is trying to pleasure herself with a boat, advanced full color preview of Edge of Humanity 4 featuring the newest characters, a set of sexy busty twins gone amazon with Monica pleasuring herself as she watches the twins have their way with Rod, and advanced lineart preview of Going Berserka 3, see two amazon mini giantesses taking on a 5 headed cerberus and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition