Tales from the Vault Volume 1


Product Description

These comics were placed in the ZZZ Vault, never to be released, but due to popular demand…here they are!

Three mini comics in one! “SITW Side Tales”, is a spin off of Something In The Water with all new characters. Ellen and Tammy had a little too much to drink at the high school reunion and are given a ride home by big muscular Spike, but Spike won’t be the biggest and strongest for long once the two girls start drinking some of that blue glowing water! “Sherrie Sharrip” is a spoof with a very bratty but sexy eighteen year old girl celebrating her birthday, her one wish is to be a bigger and stronger person, now it actually happens every time she gets mad! “Asteroids” is a spoof set in outer space, following the sexy space hunter Zera as she hunts her equally sexy but evil clone! Zera finds herself in big trouble when Evil Zera drains the Asteroid creatures to grow very large, muscular and very sexy, then Zera does it too but finds herself overwhelmed by arousal! SITW Side Tales contains FMG, mini giantess, clothes ripping, amazon carrying man, rough sex, and cum shot on face and mouth. Sherrie Sharrip contains giantess, growth to athletic body, clothes ripping, shoe busting, and growth through ceiling. Asteroid contains FMG, FMG giantess, clothes ripping, boot busting, evil clone, evil clone growth, naughty Asteroid creatures, and giantess amazon instertion and mastrubation with smaller giantess amazon.

Growth is caused by chemical enhanced water, wish, and Asteroid creature. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ. Something In The Water and Asteroid lines by Marcel de Souza, colors by Eleonora Bruni. Sherrie Sharrip art by Mau Acheron.