Tales from the Vault 2



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By popular demand the ZZZ Comics Vault reopens and now 3 brand new mini comics are released!

Daisy’s Colossal Day follows a Colossal Size Cheat theme, when a sexy red head named Daisy is having a hard day at the office, people push the wrong buttons and now Daisy’s shirt buttons are the ones pushing back as she grows with anger in size and muscle right through the roof! This comic features FMG, giantess, clothes ripping, growing through multiple ceilings and more!

Gargantoxin 2 picks up right where Gargantoxin 1 left off, now it’s Torque turn to try the growth causing chemical, and he invites two of the women from the ship with him. Soon enough the small human woman is far from being the smallest, and soon she is the strongest too! Torque doesn’t tolerate it and uses it on himself quickly outgrowing her and then sexual growing fun for both! This comic contains Couple growth, FMG, giantess, ass growth, breast growth, height growth, clothes ripping, male penis, height and muscle growth, giant and giantess growth during sex and more!

My GTS Ex-Girlfriend 3 continues with the revenge from Summer, she now shares the growing effect with the two women Paul dated with gigantic building destroying growth results! Leah outgrows her mechanic garage and Jan is on her way to getting gigantic too while giving oral sex to a normal size man! This comic contains giantess, breast growth, height growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, oral sex, building destruction from growth, hand job from growing woman and more!

Collectors edition includes all text and no text pages, a very sexy POV painted pin up of a very gigantic War Girl about to get naughty with an entire building beneath her painted by Kairu, sketch page of Gargantoxin 2 featuring clothes busting male muscle and penis growth, and complete line art of the remaining 3 pages drawn by Kevin of My GTS Ex Girlfriend 3 featuring giantess clothes busting growth, giantess outgrowing a city building and growing through floors, and Summer growing to giantess ripping out of her clothes, advanced full color preview of Snap Grow App featuring one of our brand new amazing artists with an App that changes peoples bodies after taking their picture, then affects them in real life, and advanced full color preview of Goddesszilla Side Tale, featuring a look at Sheila in prisoner clothes being given a second chance, in what can only be known as, Mecha-Goddesszilla!? With art by Goddesszilla 2 artist Lufidelis and more!

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