Something in the Water 6



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Just when you thought it was safe for the women around you to drink water…the amazon growing water is back! Jane is not amused with the accident in the lab that has freed her experiments, and Stephen is in the wrong place at the wrong time! Meanwhile amazon size Mai is having her way sexually with the two guys that were fighting in the bar, and Nikki has her eye on some of the blue water! Who was the mysterious person in the forest and what is going on in the laboratory? Who is Amazon size Rebecca fighting? And will Tommy hook up with another growing amazon!? Find out in Something in the Water 6! This comic contains FMG, Giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, muscle growth, clothes ripping, sandal busting, amazon fighting amazon, amazon lifting man, large amazon sex with normal size man, amazon growth while on top of normal size man during sex, oral to normal size man from large amazon, amazon growth during fight with another amazon, growth competition, the biggest amazon in the series yet, two character cameos from other ZZZ Comics, feats of strength and more!

Collectors Edition includes all 85 text and no text pages, a creation process page for a 3D comic showing the image in its raw form, then its rendered form and then its final finished post worked form, advanced full color 2 panel preview of Vitamin Z Teachers Turn 2 featuring muscle giantess growing larger, and advanced 2 panel preview of UV Me Bigger 2 featuring muscle ladies and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition