Something in the Water 5 The Gathering



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Something in the water is back and in 3D by popular demand! The story continues right were it left off, and plenty more female muscle growth! Sexy milf teacher, sexy waitresses, sexy cheerleaders and more all growing to powerful sexy amazons! Alison and Wanda experiment more in the showers, Tommy finds himself with Mrs. Miller where she has a familiar growing feeling and then Mary Sue shows up! Nikki and Mia have some trouble at the tavern but then things change in a big way, and characters who haven’t met start coming together! This comic contains FMG, giantess, mini giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, amazon growth during oral sex to man, milf growing to sexy powerful amazon, 3 way sex with normal size man and 2 very large amazons, amazon growth while receiving oral sex from another amazon and more!

Growth is caused by blue water and sexual stimulation. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 1920×1080. Written and rendered by ZZZ.

Collectors Edition contains all text and no text pages, a sexy full color illustrated before and after of Lisa from Ripped Tide by FMG artist MATL with a very super size in terms of muscle “After”, advanced full color preview of Ripped Tide 2 featuring female amazons exploring each others bodies and making out, and advanced full color preview of Sorceress Apprentice featuring female growth and clothes ripping with shoe busting, and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition