Sizeable Tales Volume 9



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The ninth volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! One of the three is a new comic set in Massive City called “Contracta” which includes female shrinking and female super hero peril, another is the continuation of a spin off of Pixie No More called Pocket Pixie which follows Ruby from Pixie No More into the modern world, and third is a new comic which is set in a world haunted by werewolves, a would be cure instead brings forth a powerful wild and sexy amazon!

Massive City: Contracta continues the adventures of Super Heroine Contracta. This time she is up against a genius villain who has a secret that will make Contracta shrink from delight! This comic features female shrinking, female shrinking out of clothes, female super hero peril, female masturbation while shrinking and sexual handling of shrunken woman.

Pocket Pixie 2 is right from the pages of Pixie No More and continues the story of Ruby. Ruby meets Stella, Grants sexy female supervisor. Jealousy strikes, and so does Ruby’s swap shot, causing Stella to shrink and Ruby to grow! Meanwhile Grant continues to grow bigger too! This comic contains size transfer, mini giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, female shrinking out of clothes and shrinking down to doll size, male penis, height and muscle growth with clothes ripping, nude pixie causing penis growth by oral sex and rubbing against it, female masturbation and more!

Lunar Strength follows Erica, a scientist working on a cure for Lycanthropy. The problem is time has run out, the werewolves have found her and struck! Mitch arrives to save her but must use the experimental cure. When more werewolves arrive, who will save them? And what will the new muscle amazon do to Mitch afterward? This comic contains female muscle growth, clothes ripping, breast growth, height growth, woman in peril, amazon feats of strength, action and sex with large sexy amazon, and more!

Collectors Edition contains all pages with and without text, a full color advanced look at this years San Diego Comic Con bookmark featuring what may come for Jurassic GTS by Vitamin Z art team of Arturo and Cexi, as well as Contracta in peril drawn and colored by the Farm Grown art team of HSefra and David Delanty, lineart page of Pocket Pixie 2 featuring female growth and clothes ripping, ink page of Lunar Strength featuring female amazon feats of strength, full color character designs for Massive City: Contracta, advanced full color preview of Pocket Pixie 3 featuring giantess breast smothering and ass smothering, and advanced full color preview of Sorceress Apprentice featuring more characters who will be joining in the growing and sexual fun, and more!

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