Sizeable Tales Volume 2



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The second volume collecting three sexy size changing tales in one comic! Massive City is set in a city of sex craving size changing super heroes and super villains! See the shrinking super hero Contracta face the growing when he is aroused El Toro! Instead of fighting they end up going at it in sex and size change! GTS VS Zombies is set in a post apocalyptic future where the zombie cure has a a couple positive side effects – super durable skin, super strength and the ability to grow to gigantic size – and so far only one person has been able to use the cure! Will Stacey’s new growing ability help keep her friends safe from the Zombies? Not when they wander off to have sex in the worst possible place! Grow Fighter is a fighting game spoof where winning the Grow Fighter tournaments mean more height, power and muscle growth. Sexy Gemma is about to go against Dorin, the winner gets to add the other fighters growth augmentation device to their own! But Dorin is much bigger than Gemma, how will she win against him? And if she does win, how will she use her new increased size in bed with her boyfriend Jude? Massive City contains shrinking woman, clothes ripping, shrinking out of clothes, FMG, amazon, super heroes, mini giantess, giantess, male muscle, height and penis growth, shrunken woman sexual activity, shrunken woman growing to muscle giantess, giantess insertion of large man and full body cum shot on shrunken woman. GTS VS Zombies includes Giantess, clothes ripping, breast growth, ass growth, peril, rough sex, cum shot on face, spanking, zombie killing blood and action, giantess crushing zombies and giantess growing through ceiling. Grow Fighter contains mini giantess, FMG, clothes ripping, breast growth, male muscle and height growth, spanking, rough sex, fighting and role reversal.

Growth is caused by radiation, special device, adrenaline, vaccine and cum shot. Shrinking is caused by super power. All characters are 18 or older. Massive city story by ZZZ, lines by Leonardo, colors by Eve. GTS vs Zombies story by ZZZ, pencils by Fabio, inks by Mario Zimprich, colors by Maxflan. Grow Fighter story by ZZZ, art by Danusko Campos

Collectors edition is 56 pages and includes all 26 normal pages as well as the 26 pages without text. A valentines themed 3 stage growth sequence of Lily from Atlas Touch wearing a skimpy sexy nurse outfit with lines by Oscar Celestini and colors by Eve, Giantess vs Zombies pencil page featuring giantess growing through the roof/floor and crushing zombies, Massive City sketches of character designs, Grow Fighter full color character designs of Gemma showing her different sizes, advanced full color preview of Jekyll Hyde U 3 featuring a nurse giving a hand job and outgrowing her clothes to muscle giantess size, advanced full color preview of No Meat Please, the long ago written ZZZ story featuring a busty mini giantess growing while she is giving oral sex, and advanced full color preview of Power Sauce, another long ago written story by ZZZ featuring giant and giantess growing during sex and knocking over furniture!

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