Sizeable Tales 18



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The 18th chapter of 3 size changing stories in one comic!

Bigness Cream 2 with art by ZZZ Comics artist Wolfgee! Delivery driver Cassie has gotten soaked in the growth causing slime and is growing at an incredible rate to an incredible size! Meanwhile building size Sun is causing destruction in the city while new girl Jenny is exposed to growth causing lactation from the rampaging giantess! This comic contains giantess, breast growth, height growth, ass growth, beauty enhancement, clothes ripping, shoe busting, girls covered in slime, girls growing from slime, building destruction, car crushing by giantess foot, giantess masturbation, normal size couple sexual fun, giantess lactation on normal size women and more!

Mini Mayhem 3 continues the shrinking women fun for Trevor while shrunken Livia and Crista enjoy Trevors growing cock, sexy pizza delivery girl Aileen decides to play with the shrunken women! This comic contains Shrinking woman, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken girls sexual fun, hand held shrunken women by normal size woman, shrunken women in mans growing cock, male cock growth with shrinking woman on his cock, pussy stimulation to shrinking woman from normal size woman’s finger, shrunken women grinding on normal size woman nipples, shrunken woman sandwiched between enormous cock and normal size woman’s pussy shrunken women on growing cock and more!

Amazons vs Ants 5 continues with art by series artist Danusko! Chloe wants to get as big as Shauna but Shauna keeps growing! When Chloe finds out the growing was caused by oral fun between Libby and Shauna she tries to go in on it with Shauna too! Instead Shauna accidentally causes Chloe to start growing larger too! And Libby finds herself in big trouble with something bigger than the giant ants! This comic contains FMG, amazons, mini giantess amazon, clothes ripping, feats of strength, women in peril, woman soaked in ant goo, fighting vs giant ants and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text images, a sexy giantess pin up of Rachel from AGW The Club, Bigness cream sketch pages featuring growth and clothes ripping and outgrowing of building, full color character designs, Amazons vs Ants 5 sketch page featuring female size and muscle growth with clothes ripping, Mini Mayhem 3 ink page featuring shrunken women having sex on very large cock, and advanced full color preview with chat bubbles of I Need More 2 with AGW House Party artist Black Mamba featuring a giantess having her way sexually with a normal size man and woman and more!

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