Sizeable Tales 16



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The 16th chapter of 3 size changing stories in one comic!

Gotta Grow Em All with art by new ZZZ Comics artist KR! When a Sizemon Trainer catches the rare and elusive Slutty Bunny and feeds her an exotic candy, big trouble is about to start! This comic contains giantess, breast growth, ass growth, beauty enhancement, clothes ripping, normal size woman growth to sexy busty mini giantess, miniature size woman growing to mini giantess, normal size man having sex with mini giantess, normal size man having sex with two mini giantess at the same time and more!

The Little Red Pill sequel is here with art by Exemi! Katrina invites Spencer to meet the girls on the companies beach volleyball team. The tallest girl finds him scrawny and doesnt want him on her team, but the other girls suspect something big is on the way! This comic contains male muscle, height and penis growth, male giant, 3 tall women giving sexual stimulation to male giant, full body cum shot on normal size women from giant and more!

The female muscle growth edition of Size Express Dating – Gym Edition with art by Vitamin Z artist Arturo is here! Little Tanya is thinking of giving up the gym she inherited, but when she starts helping Hugh who is a big muscular guy tired of intimidating people, thing start to turn around for both of them! This comic contains FMG, giantess, breast growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, weight lifting female amazon, mini giantess amazon, giantess amazon, shrinking man, oral sex to shrunken man from amazon giantess, small size man sex with large muscular giantess as she grows and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, an ink pin up alternate version of the Ariana growing image on the beach with bikini busting open from the previous collectors by HSefra, Gotta Grow Em All character sketch designs, pencil page featuring miniature woman in hand, Size Express Dating Gym Edition ink page featuring muscular female giantess sex with shrunken size man, advanced full color preview of Mini Mayhem 2 featuring shrunken woman on growing cock of man, and advanced ink preview of Atlas Touch 5 featuring art by Arturo with giantess female amazon and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition