Sizeable Tales 11



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The 11th chapter of 3 size changing stories in one comic! Right Size for Cosplay 2 continues with more male and female costume outgrowing, Growing Circle 3.5 sets up Growing Circle 4 and includes clothes busting giantess growing as well as women shrinking out of clothes via size transfer, and Beastly Belle includes an FMG twist on a classic story in a 3D comic and more!

Right Size for Cosplay 2 picks up where part 1 left off, Robbie and Crystal decide to try blankets for a Greek God look, but after some sexual fun they soon find themselves getting even bigger than they already are! This comic features growth, clothes busting, height growth, breast growth, ass growth, beauty enhancement, male muscle, height and penis growth, oral sex to giant from giantess, oral sex to giantess from giant, giant and giantess growing bigger, filling entire room due to growth and costume ripping/outgrowing.

Beastly Belle is a spin on a classic tale, set in the Sizemancer Quest world! The young beautiful maiden finds herself at the hands of a large, muscular and very well Beast of a man(who is human, just really big). But, is Belle really the one in trouble here? This comic features oral sex to large male from normal size woman, female clothes ripping, height growth, breast growth, and muscle growth.

Growing Circle 3.5 follows right after Growing Circle 3, Dom and Lisa are finding themselves shrinking very small while the sexy twins Dot and Tina are growing, and then some sexual teasing! And Anna finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time when the newest witch in town drains her size too, leading to more clothes busting female growth! This comic features growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, shrinking, shrinking out of clothes, size transfer, teasing of shrunken people from giantess, oral pleasure to giantess nipple from shrunken woman, finger pleasure to shrunken woman from giantess, multiple size transfer and more!

Collectors edition includes all text and no text pages, a sexy full color giantess pin up of Titan Tina by Colossal Size Cheat artist Wagner, character design sketch pages of the new characters appearing at the end of Right Size for Cosplay 2, alternate sketch version of the sexy giantess Titan Tina pin up, shade colored high quality character designs of all the Growing Circle characters as well as upcoming characters illustrated and colored by Gian, advanced full color preview of Right Size for Cosplay 3 featuring a new male character growing bigger, more muscular and more endowed, and advanced full color preview of War Girl featuring a giantess crushing a car under her foot and more!

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