Sizeable Double Feature 3



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Do you like your mini comics a little BIGGER? Sizeable double tales is back! 2 mini comics in one! New larger page size, 9 pages for each comic and they will tie into other comics or set them up!

The return of I Dream of GTS in I Dream of GTS Redux! Helen is always teased by her amazon size roommate Miranda, until one day Helen finds a lamp! Out pops…Ashley the genie!? What will Ashley do now that she has the genie powers and what fun will Helen have with her wishes? Giantess and super size breast growth in this one, and sequels will have more size change variety too like FMG, male growth and more!

In Camp and Grow 3 Claire’s a big girl now and she wants more size from Jimmy! After tossing the other girls around she thinks she has him all to herself, but she’s in for a big surprise! And Suzy is filling the cabin with her tremendous size, will Brad be able to keep up with the growing? Giantess, giantess clothes ripping growth, and male muscle, height and penis growth, giant couples, normal size girls giving oral to giant male and more in this one!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text images, a super sexy full color Titan Tina pin up by JF and a topless version of the pin up(This pin up will be a print available in our upcoming print shop), sketch pages, full color character designs, advanced preview of Sorceress Apprentice 3 featuring a sexy gnome becoming a giantess amazon and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition