Sizeable Double Feature #1



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Do you like your mini comics a little BIGGER? Sizeable double tales are 2 mini comics in one! New larger page size, 9-10 pages for each comic and they will tie into other comics or set them up!

Camp Bigness! Art by Wolf Gee, Bigness Cream artist! Where did that barrel from Bigness Cream 1 fall off to? A camp where the camp counselors are partying to celebrate the end of summer! All the kids are gone and the counselors decide to have some big fun, but now that big fun is becoming huge! And so are the male and female camp counselors! This comic contains mini giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, male muscle, height and penis growth, size comparisons and more!

The other side of the double feature is Ripped Tide Origins! How did the Ripped Tide green goo come to the ocean? Find out in Ripped Tide Origins! Art by the Ripped Tide art team of Arturo and Cexi! Grace is a scientist attempting to make tar environmentally safe, but what she discovers will have a different huge impact on the world, as well as her body! And her male coworker will see a whole new side of Grace because of it, a bigger, growing one with needs! This comic contains FMG, giantess, breast growth, height growth, muscle growth, age regression from old woman to sexy busty strong amazon young woman, clothes ripping, sandal busting, room filling and destruction growth, mini giantess amazon growth during sex with normal size man and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, a 3 page ink page with lettering preview of Magnifier 3 featuring male giant outgrowing a building with super size penis and female growth featuring clothes ripping and shoe busting, Ripped Tide Origins ink page, advanced ink page of Ripped Tide Origins 2, advanced full color preview of Party Big a new female growth comic featuring artwork by HSefra and female growth of a nerdy girl at a party and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition