Pixie No More 4



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The size changing pixies are back and this time more elves are joining in on the size changing fun! Just when Sir Grindalot is about to be willingly used by the super sized and growing elven Queen Marella as a sex toy, he suddenly finds himself as a scrawny short geeky guy in a modern geeked out bedroom! Could this be the end of Pixie No More? Could it have been a dream all along? But who are all these new characters?! Find out in Pixie No More 4, the final volume(of chapter 1)! This comic contains Giantess, Shrinking Women, BE, clothes ripping/shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes, penis growth from mini giantess oral sex, two shrunken female elves body grind on penis, super size cumshot on woman face, hair and chest, giantess instertion of normal size male, giantess using building as sex toy, male muscle and height growth from mini giantess oral sex, sex with mini giantess, tall amazon growing to mini giantess, three elven women shrinking out of clothes to tiny size at the same time, women in peril, growth during sex, sex with normal size female elf along with two shrunken female elves at the same time and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by pixie magic and cum shot. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2893×4092. Story by ZZZ, lines by Lunareth, colors by Len.

Collectors edition is 54 pages and includes all 23 normal pages as well as the 22 pages without text. Also included is a 3 stage growth sequence of Ariana from College Grown drawn by Omar, The Resizer artist, a sketch page featuring a mini giantess growing out of a school girl outfit due to cum shot, ink page featuring 3 sexy elven women shrinking out of clothes, full color preview of Circus of Size featuring a muscle woman a sexy shrunken woman hiding under a hat, full color of Boosters 2 featuring the returning characters in a sexy new art style getting hot and naughty in the closet. And continuing a Pixie No More tradition, 3 advanced preview pages of Pixie No More 5 in line art with full dialogue are also included! And lineart of the upcoming Pixie No More poster featuring 12 of the main characters!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition