Nozama Transfer



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While house sitting for an antique collector Erin finds a mysterious magical amulet. Whenever she says the magic word “Nozama”, she drains the size and strength of the person she is touching and adds it to herself! There is one side effect, a very aggressive and dominant personality! Erin’s boyfriend Jay finds out the hard way when Erin starts getting big, he starts getting small and she starts taking control! Later Erin’s tall busty sister Reina gets some of the same treatment Jay did, except Erin makes Reina as small as a toy doll while Erin grows as tall as the ceiling! This comic contains FMG, GTS, Mini GTS, Shrinking Woman, Shrinking man, size transfer, clothes ripping, shoe busting, shrinking out of clothes, shrunken man head being squeezed between mini giantess amazon thighs, rough sex, shrunken man giving oral to mini giantess, mini giantess giving oral to shrunken man, mini giantess face sitting shrunken man, mini GTS foot growth over shrunken woman, mini GTS breast squeeze over shrunken woman and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by the Nozama Artifact via size transfer. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ, Pencils by Jean Sinclair, Inks by Poseidon, Colors by Eleonora Bruni, bonus art by Oscar Celestini.

Collectors edition is our biggest Collectors Edition yet with 55 pages, it includes all 22 normal pages as 22 pages without text, 10 bonus images! A 3 stage FMG sequence by Oscar Celestini of Brenda from Atlas Touch 1 and 2 outgrowing a business suit in an office, 2 full color pages of Nozama Transfer drawn and colored by an entirely different artist – Bill Krauzer, Character Sketch page by Bill, and 3 additional sketch pages drawn by Bill featuring clothes ripping, shoe busting and FMG. Advanced fulll color preview of Ozzzed, the mini FMG spoof comic featuring the two sexy ladies from the comic drawn by Rukasu, advanced full color page preview of The Big Elf showing one of the sexy bordello girls using some shrinking pixie dust on herself and shrinking, and advanced full color page preview of Growth Formula, an FMG beauty enhancement comic featuring one of the already muscular females using the Growth Formula.

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition