My Giantess Ex Girlfriend 2



Product Description

Titan Tina is back and bigger than ever! This time around we see how Tina has tormented Paul over several dates, each time she grows to gigantic size to intimidate his sexy dates even during sex! The tables may soon be turned when Paul and Summer find something Paul didn’t think he’d ever see again…This comic contains Giantess, growth, clothes ripping, car destruction, bus destruction, outgrowing of house, destruction of house, oral sex, titty fucking, giantess ass crushing of car, sex with growing woman, giantess sexual teasing, giantess masturbation causing growth and more!

Growth is caused by super power and mastrubation. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ, art by Kevin.

Collectors Edition is a whopping Titan Tina size 54 pages! It includes all 21 pages as well as all 21 pages with no text, 3 stage growth sequence of Dawn from Jurassic GTS by Oscar Celestini, sketch pages featuring mastrubation with a bus and growth during mastrubation, alternate artist and main artist full color character designs, 2 full color alternate artist pages by one artist and full color alernate artist page by another artist, main artist alternate full color cover, advanced full color preview of Alicia Goes Wonderland 2 featuring the sexy new art style and returning characters Chelsea and Alicia in class looking very sexy, and advanced full color preview of Jurassic GTS 2 featuring new character Carrie and returning character Kristi, testing a new experimental cure on super size Kristi!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition