Mind Over My Matter 2



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Gwen thinks she knows Mikaela’s secret! And now Cathy walks in on her and Mikaela going at it in the office in their new super size! Gwen gets a small and shrinking surprise too! How will they get out of this one? And later Gwen goes on another date with Seth, will Seth have a big surprise? Plus what else can Mikaela do? Find out in Mind Over My Matter 2! Giantess, clothes ripping, giantess 3 way, oral sex to shrunken woman from giantess, oral sex to giantess from giantess, size transfer, shrunken woman peril, nude shrinking woman and a small amount of male muscle and height growing with clothes ripping in this one!

Collectors Edition includes all 100 text and no text images, a creation process page showing the 3D render creation steps, a size comparison pin up image showing the girls at their largest sizes, and an advanced 2 panel preview of I Dream of GTS redux with art by Magnifier artist Black Mamba, and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition