Juicy Boom Pills 3



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Juicy Boom Pills 3 is the continuation story of Mara, who is tired of seeing sexy voluptuous women catching the eye of her boss and boyfriend, Jack. She finds an ad on the internet for a beauty enhancement pill, and even with her friends warning she decides to try it out. Mara and Jack are on their way to the club but Jack decides to turn the stereo on before Mara can get in, and now she’s too big and growing! Alina is enjoying her new size and body while teasing the bouncer at the club and her female coworker Torrie, Lexi takes advantage of her new size to boss around and fondle Fay, but when the Juicy Boom Pills sales woman shows up at the club things will change..and grow! The story contains a celebrity look alike or two, women growing, drastic height increase, breasts growing, ass growing, clothes ripping, boot busting, sandal busting, guy on giantess sexual activities, giantess giving oral to guy, mini giantess titty fucking, tall woman giving oral to mini giantess, sexy normal height woman growing to very tall, busty, curvy woman and more!

Collectors Edition includes all images with and without text, an illustrated sexual giantess pin up of Mara and Lexi as building size giantess having some masturbating fun in the city illustrated by Shooter, alternate edit/camera angle/pose pages from Juicy Boom Pills 3 featuring Jack and Mara with oral sex and titty fucking, alternate color page with different post work effects, advanced full color preview of Island Grown 3 featuring large giantess foot growth, advanced full color preview of Grow for the Cam 2 featuring mini giantess growth and cowboy girl clothes tightening and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition