Growing Circle 3



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Once 3D, now fully illustrated! All the sexy Growing Circle witches are back! In the aftermath of losing their powers the witches stumble upon a new magical item that leads to some size changing fun in the bedroom. In the meantime Lisa is thoroughly enjoying her new sexy body and size in the shower! What will the new characters, the trouble making twins, bring to the table? More size changing sexual fun of course! This comic contains GTS, SW, BE, size transfer, shrinking out of clothes, clothes ripping/shoe busting, beauty enhancement, shrinking man, male penis growth, mini giantess masturbation, giantess masturbation, oral sex from giantess, sex with giantess, shrunken man teasing by giantess, cum shot on mouth and breasts of giantess and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by magic. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3700. Written by ZZZ, line art by Leonardo, colors by Gaston.

Collectors Edition is 52 pages and includes all 22 normal pages as well as the 22 pages without text. A 3 stage building size growth sequence by HSefra of Ayako from Atlas Touch 2 non FMG giantess style, colored by Tony, sketch page showing Lisa in the shower enjoying her new body, pencil page which shows the shrinking out of clothes scene, and ink page showing the clothes busting growth sequence of Callie. Also included is an advanced full color preview of Zenith Scepter, featuring main character Courtney enjoying her new giantess size by teasing her small friend Wally’s penis, and advanced full color preview of Resizer Redo, featuring a very hot sex scene where main character Clara is shrinking during sex, and a full color preview of the 4 comics that will go towards saving GTSV, Sherrie Sharrip mini comic, Something In The Water Side Tales mini comic, Aste-ROIDS mini comic, and Fountain of Growth full comic!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition