Growing Circle 2 The TTT


Product Description

The Growing Circle is made up of 5 witches who usually use their magic for simple stuff, but one day one of them, Dina, decides to be the tallest and bustiest girl in school. In this chapter the growing continues from part 1, then there’s a 3 way(2 giantess, one regular size guy) and then theres a giantess cat fight/growth competition in the city. It becomes a wet giantess cat fight mid way when a storm starts. Who will be the biggest in the end? There is also a flash back to when Dina was shrinking, a surprise visitor and even more shrinking for her and her male visitor before she ends up growing.

The story contains female growth, height growth, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, giantess giving oral to guy while growing, giantess giving oral to giantess, shrunken woman shrinking even smaller then growing to giantess, shrinking man, enhanced age regression – mid 40’s woman turns early 20’s but much taller and bustier. The girls grow to tall woman height, also mini giantess, and then to 1200+ ft tall by the end of the story. The growing is caused by a couple different forms of magic. The story has some size drain and also a growth competition cat fight in some parts as well. Much more character development and much more growing than in the first part, as well as the introduction of a couple new characters. All characters are 18 or older. All images are widescreen size, 1920×1080. 156 images, 111 pages.

2 preview images of Growing Circle 3 are included as well as 2 bonus sexy style images.