Growing Circle 1 The BB


Product Description

The first ZZZ Comics comic ever released! This comic is a GTS spoof of an old TV show, like some of my old stories.
Callie, Dina, Anna, Lisa and Dom are 5 witches in college bound by a magic circle, and practice growth magic! Hormones take over and the girls start growing in school, at restaurants and with each other! But who will end up the biggest?

Magic in a couple different forms is the source of growth. There is height growth, breast growth, ass growth, mostly large mini giantess and some giantess up to 30+ feet tall, male + giantess sex and oral, and female + giantess sex and oral, a giantess that gets shrunken down to 1 foot tall, and some size transfer between some of the females as well. The story has a growth competition kind of sense to it. All characters are over 18. 220 pages(Single images), all 1920 x 1080 pixels each.