Grow in the Snow



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Revenge is a dish best served…Huge! Dakota is a sexy Alaskan native who goes on a skiing date with her jerk boyfriend that ditches her out in the middle of nowhere for another woman! Luckily Dakota finds a mysterious Inuit camp with some warm furs, and they grant Dakota tremendous size and strength! She ends up so big and strong that she crushes the entire camp by rolling around in her sleep! The next day Dakota is back to normal and decides to share the furs with her female friends and one lucky male waiter, Locke. What does the magic do to Locke when he catches his girlfriend cheating on him? And how big will Mercy get when her landlord unfairly tries to evict her? This comic contains Giantess, FMG, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, male giant, male muscle, penis and height growth, cum shot from giant on normal size woman, giant getting oral sex from normal size woman, giantess destruction of igloo buildings from growth, giantess growing through roof, male and female growth in separate sequences, revenge via growing and more!

Growth is caused by mystic furs and the need for revenge. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3610. Written by ZZZ & Sydney Brown, lines by Rob, inks by Rzenio, Colors by Jordi.

Collectors Edition is 52 pages and includes all text and no text images, a 3 stage FMG growth sequence of Irelia from Sizemancer Quest by The Silva Brothers, FMG sketch versions of Alicia Goes Wonderland characters Alicia and Chelsea by Gian Carlo Bernal, pencil pages and ink pages from Grow in the Snow featuring male and female growth and clothes ripping, advanced full color preview of Growgurt featuring female size and muscle growth with clothes ripping while bench pressing, advanced full color preview of Colossal Day mini comic featuring female muscle and height growth and clothes ripping in an office with art by Wagner, and advanced ink preview of Little Red Pill featuring male muscle, height, penis growth and clothes ripping next to normal size woman by Oscar Celestini and more!

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