Fantasize Island



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Have you ever fantasized of being a different size? Now, Tommy and Mary Sue from Something in the Water will be the first to live out a very different size change fantasy! After winning a contest to an exotic island, Mary Sue and Tommy soon find their sizes changing in a very different way than they did back home. No female muscle growth this time, instead there’s shrinking woman, breast growth and very large breast growth, busty giantess, and male muscle, height and penis growth, clothes ripping, very large muscular male having sex with shrinking woman, oversized cock in shrinking woman, oral sex from shrinking woman, oral sex from growing woman, oral sex to giantess, breast smothering from giantess, shrunken woman mild peril, growth from shrunken woman to giantess and more!

All characters are 18 or older. Story and artwork by ZZZ.

Collectors Edition includes bonus art featuring Alicia from Alicia Goes Wonderland with Cheshire Chelsea by the original Alicia Goes Wonderland artist Bacchus, a bonus render of shrunken Mary Sue next to one of her bra and a bonus render of an even smaller shrunken Mary Sue inside a cup. Advanced full color preview of Size Express Dating, a size transfer mini comic featuring male growth and female shrinking, advanced full color preview of Seduction of Size featuring main character Daniella who has outgrown all her clothes and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition