Biggest On The Island 2



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Mike and Jen are the biggest on the island right now, but will they grow even more? And how did all of this get started? Jen decides to try an experiment on herself but instead it has the biggest results on small scrawny Colin! Find out the origin of all this growing back in their school and more growing on the island in “Biggest On The Island 2”! Also bringing back the new way of doing growing sequences, where they grow to a larger size first before settling to a smaller but still bigger size! This comic includes giantess, breast growth, ass growth, height growth, clothes ripping, male muscle, height and penis growth, breast growth without full body growth, oral sex to very busty woman from very short man, oral sex to very well endowed large and growing man from short busty woman, oral sex to normal size man from giantess, female growth while giving man oral sex, male growth while giving woman oral sex, giant and giantess sex and more!

Collectors Edition includes all 101 text and no text pages, a creation process page showing the image in its raw form, then its rendered form and then its final finished post worked form, advanced full color 2 panel preview of Colossal Day 2 featuring titty fucking and oral teasing, and advanced full color 2 panel preview of Nozama Idol 2 featuring female growth and more!

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