Big City Girls



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Best friends Cass, Serena and Mia haven’t seen each other all summer and are surprised at how much they’ve all grown – or in the case of Mia, haven’t grown! When Frank discovers what is supposed to be a shrink ray to help his girlfriend Serena with her hate of her height, it actually does the reverse and makes girls grow instead! And Mia has big ideas! This comic will feature two new things to our comics: growth scenes where clothes last longer than usual – they will rip but not right away to extend the fun! And the sexy girls start sexy and keep their shape which has been frequently requested! This comic contains giantess, clothes ripping, show busting, oral sex to normal size man from growing giantess, building size giantess masturbation, building size giantess carrying normal size man, giantess breast smothering normal size woman, normal size man sex with building size giantess and more!

Collectors Edition includes all 104 text and no text images, a creation process page showing the 3D render creation steps, a building size comparison pin up image showing the giantesses in this comic at their biggest size side by side and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition