ZZZ Comics Monthly Contest

Announcing our first ever contest! See your ideas for our characters or your own characters by one of ZZZ Comics artists!

All you have to do is submit your idea to our new contest email address, one winner or more will be randomly selected per month: zzzcomicscontest@gmail.com

You can request an artist but it must be a ZZZ Comics artist and they may or may not be currently available.

1. You must have purchased a comic from our website in this year. Make sure to include the email address you used to buy the comic.
2. The character must be either a character from a ZZZ Comics comic or one of your own original characters that you created and have rights to.
3. The idea for your image must be safe to post on deviant art – nudity is ok but no sex stuff, see deviant art rules if need be.
4. The image is property of ZZZ Comics and can not be used for commercial purposes.
5. You are free to post the image in your gallery if you are selected but you must link back to our deviant art page.

Rules are subject to change. There will be other contests.

Check out the example image above. This example image has the very sexy Super Soviet Woman facing two mysterious yet familiar powerful multi arm amazons!

Art by ZZZ Comics artists Arturo and Chuck

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