We Are Back! And a new comic!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates. I have been trying to make ends meet, and the comics just weren’t getting it done due to piracy, brutal competition offering money to my best artists to not work with me(just to not work with me, not even to do work!) and increased artist prices across the board. I will need to get back to doing mostly 3D comics for now. I want to try and get illustrated comics out again, but they are much more expensive these days compared to what they were when I was releasing them every week. As such, I have to rebuild the funds to get those going again. I have kept the prices at around 8.99 and 9.99 for years now, but I will have to raise the price soon, most likely just a dollar for regular and collectors.

Black Friday sale starts next weekend. I will also be posting new updates and changing around some of the rewards on our Patreon since 3D comics will be more prominent for a little while.

Thank you all for following, more content coming soon! Mind Over My Matter 3 is now available, followed by Unequalizer Reborn in a couple weeks. More details on our patreon in a free to read post here: