Sizeable Double Feature 4 only on Gumroad and Patreon for now

Hey guys! The website will be undergoing some heavy maintenance for the next few days. Unfortunately I don’t have an estimate on the completion so for now I will have Sizeable Double Feature 4 on Gumroad. It will also be available to Patreon backers who were already charged for last month and have not selected their free comic or comics(depending on pledge tier) for the month. You’ll also be able to select it as your comic in July if you stay in until July.

Once the update on this site has been made the comic will be added, but again I do not have an estimated time when this will be completed. I may end up needing to redo the entire site which may delay it being added much longer.

The comic should be on gumroad by tomorrow night, if you can pick it up there I’d really appreciate it since I don’t know how long this website issue will take to resolve.

Here is the gumroad site:

and here is our Patreon in case you want to see extra content from this upcoming comic and more: