Vitamin Z



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Mouse is about to get a lot less mousy! Maxine is often teased by her friends and nicknamed Mouse for her small waif like body and timid personality. Then her new Vitamin Z pills get microwaved, and Mouse grows to the size of a moose! With her new height, long blonde hair and sexy powerful body her friend doesnt recognize her, and Maxine lives out her sexual fantasies with him. The next day Maxines back to normal and her already athletic roommate Nicole gets hold of a Vitamin Z pill! What will the girls do with their new found size and strength? This comic contains FMG, giantess, mini giantess, clothes ripping, shoe busting, height growth, muscle growth, hair growth, breast and ass growth, painful transformation growth, beauty enhancement, oral sex to amazon giantess, amazon giantess growth during oral sex, amazon giantess growth during sex, amazon giantess sex with amazon giantess, amazon giantess sex with normal size man, oral sex to normal size man from amazon giantess and more!

Growth is caused by Vitamin Z and sexual stimulation. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ & B.C. Pope, lines by Arturo, Colors by Cexi.

Collectors Edition is 51 pages and includes all text and no text images, a 3 stage FMG HAPPENS growth sequence where a non FMG comic character grows with FMG, this time it’s Hills from Thar BE GTS by The Silva Brothers, sketch pages, pencil pages and ink pages containing sex scenes and growing, sketch pages, pencil pages and ink pages containing sex scenes and growing, advanced full color preview of Amazons vs Ants featuring the sexy college girls and the giant ants, advanced full color preview of Nozama Transfer 3 featuring female growth and clothes ripping during sex and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition