The Island of Doctor Morgro 2



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Edina’s quest to escape the mysterious island with large amazons and large muscular men continues! Edina finds herself slowly changing on the island, her clothes tigher, the ordinary people smaller. However, her favorite person, Jago, seems bigger, stronger and wilder in bed every time she sees him, and she likes it. Lab assistant Montana wants Edina for herself, but Edina isn’t satisfied with Montana. What will Montana do to match Jago? And what does Doctor Morgro have in store for all of them? This comic contains FMG, mini giantess, breast growth, height growth, ass growth, male height, muscle and penis growth, female slow growth over time, clothes ripping, shoe busting, feats of strength, athletic size woman sex with very large and endowed muscular male, normal size woman sex with large athletic female, 3 way sex with normal size woman and two very large muscular sexy female amazons, rough sex, oral sex on endowed male, oral sex on large amazon woman from normal size woman. large amazon woman overpowering normal size woman during sex, large amazon sex with very large amazon and more!

Growth is caused by injection and mysterious slow growth source. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by J.B. Hickock and ZZZ, Art by The Silva Brothers.

Collectors Edition is 52 pages and includes all pages with text and without, a 3 stage FMG sequence by Oscar Celestini of Contracta, the sexy superheroine from Massive City with normal skin color instead of El Toro skin color, sketch pages featuring rough sex between large amazon woman and normal size woman and female outgrowing her clothes, pencil page featuring female height, muscle growth and clothes ripping, pencil page featuring male muscle, height, penis growth and clothes ripping, advanced full color preview of Growgurt, an FMG slow growth comic where a competitive woman decides to be the biggest bodybuilder using a growth causing yogurt, advance full color preview of the long awaited sequel Ozzzed 2 with art by Rukasu featuring female muscle growth and clothes ripping, and advanced full color preview of Grow in the Snow featuring a very large male giant with normal size woman as she gives him oral sex and he covers her in cum and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition