Sizeable Tales Volume 8



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The eighth volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! One of the three is a new comic called Size Express Dating which includes female shrinking and male growth, another is a spin off of Pixie No More called Pocket Pixie which follows Ruby from Pixie No More into the modern world, and third is a continuation in Amazons Vs Ants 3, with more female muscle growth and smashing of giant ants!

Size Express Dating follows a couple who try a new online dating service. A mysterious pin arrives soon after, and next thing they know their size problems get bigger and smaller! This comic features size transfer, female shrinking out of clothes, male growth and clothes ripping, male muscle, height and penis growth, room destruction from growth and other fun size changes.

Pocket Pixie is right from the pages of Pixie No More. Find out where Starlight’s mentor and friend, sexy pixie Ruby ended up…in the modern world! She lands right in the lap of Grant, a lucky barista who lives with sexy super models that can’t keep their hands off each other. Grant heads in to work and Ruby decides to make things more fun. This comic contains woman on woman oral sex, nude pixie interaction and mostly sets up the start of this new series.

Amazons Vs Ants 3 continues with sexy amazon Chloe ripping apart school lockers looking for something that will fit her new bigger amazon body. Meanwhile Libby and Shauna are still going at it with sex, when Libby starts growing bigger and more amazon like! However, a new threat shows up that causes big problems for our growing amazons! This comic contains FMG, amazons, mini giantess amazon, clothes ripping, oral sex from mini giantess amazon to mini giantess amazon, short man sex with tall woman, fighting vs giant ants and more!

Collectors Edition contains all pages with and without text, a beautiful full color pin up of Kristi from Jurassic GTS by Jurassic GTS artist Poseidon and Vitamin Z colorist Cexi, full color character designs for Size Express Dating, Pocket Pixie ink page featuring woman on woman oral sex, sketch pages of Amazon Vs Ants 3 featuring amazons and female size and muscle growth, advanced full color preview of Pocket Pixie 2 by Pixie No More line artist Luna and a new colorist featuring a much bigger and well endowed Grant and a very vindictive sexy Ruby, and advanced full color preview of Lunar Strength, a werewolf hunting story where a vaccine for turning werewolf ends up being a lot more than one woman bargained for by Vitamin Z Teachers Turn artist Arturo, and more!

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