Sizeable Tales Volume 7



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The seventh volume collecting three sexy size changing comics in one comic! One of the three is the spin off of The Right Size, called The Right Size for Cosplay and includes sexy female growth and male muscle + penis growth by Fountain of Growth 2 artist Piliu, another is the third chapter of Ozzzed by illustrated by Rukasu, and the third is the continuation of the Time Grown series set in the old Frontier with art by the Farm Grown art team of HSefra and David Delanty!

The Right Size For Cosplay takes place the night before a big comic convention. Robbie and Crystal are big time cosplayers but their costumes are too big! Lucky for them they stumble upon the Zoltana Wishing machine…but is it lucky when they start getting too big themselves for their costumes?! This comic contains mini giantess, breast growth, ass growth, beauty enhancement, super hero costume ripping by outgrowing them, mini giant, male muscle and penis growth, oral sex from mini giantess to mini giant and sex between mini giantess and mini giant.

Ozzzed continues the adventures of Oz, the witches are getting bigger and stronger and the Good Witch wants to save him! But does Oz want to be saved from the sexy muscular growing giantesses? This comic contains mini giantess, FMG, nude female muscle and size growth, normal size man intense sex with two busty mini giantess amazons, oral sex to normal size man from mini giantess amazon, anal sex to mini giantess amazon, cum shot on face and in mouth of mini giantess amazon, mini giantess amazon sex with normal size sexy busty woman, mini giantess biting normal size womans nipple, oral sex from mini giantess amazon to normal size woman and from normal size woman to mini giantess amazon and more!

Time Grown The Frontier is set in the gold rush era. Lucky has found himself captured and working for a tyrant who sets him to pan for gold for his life. Lucky lives up to his name when he sees that the other people panning for gold are very tall sexy busty women! When the panning turns up some meteor rocks, the sex and growing turns up as well! This comic contains giantess, mini giantess, tall women, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, male giant, male muscle, height and penis growth, oral sex to growing male giant from growing giantess, giant man sex with two normal size women growing to giantess and a giantess all at the same time, giant sex with 3 giantesses all 4 of them growing at the same time, giantess on giantess sex, giant and giantess orgy and more!

Collectors Edition contains all pages with and without text, a 4 page line art preview of Seduction of Size, a new comic based on an old ZZZ written story “Succubus of Size” and features female growth and clothes ripping, women on women sex, succubus and more, also included are character sketches for Time Grown The Frontier and The Right Size for Cosplay, ink pages for OZZZED featuring female growth and sex with mini giantess amazon, ink pages for Time Grown The Frontier featuring sex with growing woman and growing giant at the same time, advanced full color preview for Nozama Idol featuring male and female shrinking out of clothes and female muscle growth and clothes ripping, and advanced full color preview of Sorceress Apprentice featuring giant male with enormous cock and female growth with clothes ripping and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition