Sizeable Tales Volume 20



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The 20th chapter of 3 size changing stories in one comic!

Blooming With Size, a new series! Jeb and Mary Anne arrive in a new town where everyone seems big and sexy! When they get to their new house, there is a mysterious remote control! Male muscle, height and penis growth ensues and sexual fun with a normal size woman, and more will change in later chapters too! This comic contains male muscle, height, and penis growth, male clothes outgrowing, large male sex with normal size woman, large male growing larger during sex with normal size woman and more!

The conclusion to Mini Mayhem! What will happen to Trevor and the shrinking ladies all over his body? And what new fun does the new girl Cassie bring? This comic contains shrinking woman, shrinking out of clothes, super size full body cum shot on normal size woman, two shrunken women on cock growing, oral sex to shrunken woman while she is growing, shrunken woman growing to normal size and beyond and more!

The next chapter of Bigness Cream! Sun is about to get her revenge on Leah but then Leah starts to turn things around in a big way! Meanwhile Jenny and Duke are getting to big for the apartment…and the entire apartment building! Will some new people be joining the growing fun soon too? This comic contains GTS, giant couple, building size giantess, building size giantess spanking another giantess, male and female outgrowing a building and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, a 5 page sneak peek at Grow in the Snow 2 featuring FMG, male growth and clothes tightening and ripping with art by Arturo and Cexi, flats page featuring shrunken woman growing during oral sex and shrunken women growing on cock, sketch pages featuring giant and giantess outgrowing building, full color character designs and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition