Sizeable Tales 24


Product Description

A Big Ride Home – A new male and female growth 3D comic series! Brenda and Ross are stuck on the side of the road with their car out of order, but soon the car will be too small for both of them! This comic contains female growth, breast growth, height growth, clothes ripping and male muscle, height growth and clothes ripping.

Bigger Adventure – A new FMG comic series in a fantasy setting with art by Busting Berries artist JF! Will the adventurers bounty be too much to handle with the giant amazon Minnie? This comic contains FMG, giantess amazons, normal size woman growing to muscle giantess, giantess carrying normal size man, fantasy setting and more!

Bigness Cream 6 – Everyone is getting bigger! Duke and Jenny are starting to cause huge damage to buildings while they grow and have sex while everyone else tries to catch up! And what will the military do to them? This comic contains giant couples, male and female growth, building destruction, sex with giant and giantess, super size cum shots and more!