Sizeable Tales 22


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The 22nd chapter of 3 size changing stories in one comic!

Party Big! premieres, a brand new series with art by Farm Grown artist HSefra! Neil and Connor bust into Erica’s big house party, but when they spike the party punch it’s nerdy girl Rachel who’s going to be busting out of her clothes and having her busty mini giantess way with one of the guys! What will Erica do? This comic contains mini giantess, female beauty enhancement, large breast growth, height growth, clothes ripping, suspender snapping, shoe busting and sex with very busty growing mini giantess in public and more!

Busting Berries 2, the adventures of Stan and Kelly continue on the island. Kelly is slowly growing taller and sexier every day, specially when she has more berries. Just when Kelly thinks she’s big enough to show up the tall girls they met earlier, the tall girls turn out to have grown even taller and bustier too! This comic contains mini giantess, clothes ripping, sandal busting, sex on the beach, sex with mini giantess, tall busty women growing taller and bustier, tall busty woman making out with another tall busty woman after growing and more!

In Massive City: Contracta 2, Contracta is hand held size and being held captive by Master Debater! And now Mimi C. has shown up to have her way with Master D! Will Contracta stand by while another super heroine has her way with the virgin Contracta has been courting? Not if Contractas swelling muscles and rapidly increasing size have anything to say about it! This comic contains shrunken woman(no shrinking), nude female growth, female muscle growth(FMG), mini giantess, amazon, normal size man fingering shrunken woman and insertion of finger into shrunken woman, face smothering of normal size man by tall busty woman, face smothering of normal size man by large amazon, and face sitting of tall woman by large growing amazon, and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text pages, a sexy line art pin up of Claire and Diane with transparent wet t-shirts by Pablo D, Party Big ink page featuring mini giantess stroking normal size mans cock while she is growing and laying on him, and advanced full color preview of Magnifier 3 featuring car crushing giantess and more!

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