Lost City of Growth



Product Description

A perilous climb into the mountains leads to a golden city unlike any other! A city filled with beauty, mystery, growing, and wild sex! Some mild suggestive mind control too! Why are the smaller people doing what the bigger(and growing) ones crave? Find out in Lost City of Growth! This comic contains giantess, clothes ripping, breast growth, ass growth,height growth, male muscle, height and penis growth, giant couple, male and female growth while sleeping, oral sex on giant male from two normal size sexy women, giant male sex with mini giantess, giant male sex with mini giantess and normal size busty woman at the same time, male giant cum shot on face and breasts of mini giantess, mini giantess growth to giantess, giant male growth to even larger size, subliminal mind control, peril and more!

Collectors Edition includes all text and no text images, a 3D rendered version of the cover, see how the characters would have looked in a 3D render comic! Sketch pages, color sketch character designs with height comparison, an lineart advanced sneak peek of an upcoming ZZZ Comics Holiday event by Doing it Epic and Titan Games artist Gian, featuring the characters from that comic at gigantic size being intimate, advanced preview of the upcoming 3D rendered comic Grow U featuring male growth and female amazon at a University, and advanced full color preview of the final chapter of Right Size for Cosplay featuring giant woman with woman couple sex, giant and giantess sex and city destruction and cumming and crushing public property(a car) during sex and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition