Juicy Boom Pills


Product Description

Juicy Boom Pills is the story of a young woman, Mara, who is tired of seeing sexy voluptuous women catching the eye of her boss and boyfriend, Jack. She finds an ad on the internet for a beauty enhancement pill, and even with her friends warning she decides to try it out. A cute short Asian woman shows up to deliver the pills, and gives a free demo of the pill. Later Mara uses the pill and grows much more voluptuous and taller, then has sex with Jack, where her growing continues to giantess size in a confined space.

The story contains women growing, drastic height increase, breasts growing, ass growing, clothes ripping, guy on giantess sexual activities, giantess giving oral to guy, mini giantess titty sex, mini giantess giving oral, short woman growing to very tall, busty, curvy woman. The growing is to tall and very tall woman height, then 20-30 ft tall giantess, and then to 30-40ft tall height by the end of the story. The growing is caused by the Juicy Boom Pills and then by certain sounds. All characters are 18 or older. All images were rendered widescreen size, 1920×1080.

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