Island Grown 3



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There’s big trouble on the island and the trouble…is growing! Michelle and Derek continue to dominate everyone on the island with their huge size. Oliver, Claire and Wendy come up with a plan to turn things around, but instead they end up making Derek and Michelle even bigger! And now Wendy’s sister shows up with a mysterious woman who looks a lot like a certain FBI woman from College Grown 3 and Farm Grown 3! What does she have planned and what will happen to everyone? Find out in the growth and sex filled conclusion of this Island Grown series! This comic contains Giantess, BE, ass growth, height growth, beauty enhancement, clothes ripping, male height, muscle and penis growth, giant and giantess growth at the same time, mini giantess on giant, giant cum shot on giantess breasts, hand held, mini giantess growing to giantess, mini giantess riding giant’s cock while giant grows, giantess foot growth during foot massage, and more!

Growth is caused by meteor rock, food, sexual stimulation and cum shot. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ, art by HSefra.

Collectors Edition is 51 pages and includes all text and no text pages, a sexy full color POV giantess pin up of Titan Tina drawn by Jurassic GTS line artist Poseidon and colors Vitamin Z colorist Cexi, sketch, pencil and ink pages featuring male and female growth and giant with giantess sex, advanced full color preview of GTS POP 2 featuring the GTS POP giantesses next to the normal sized Mega Pop girls and accidentally knocking them over, and advanced full color preview of Grow for the Cam 2 featuring Mandy covered in milk in her sexy cowgirl outfit while Daisy outgrows her own cowgirl outfit and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition