Product Description

This is the male growth including ending version of GTS POP.

What’s bigger than K-Pop?  J-Pop? No, GTS- Pop!  When four would be pop stars decide to make a band, their manager decides to take them to the next level with an old family recipe.  The girls start otgrowing their stage costumes, becoming the tallest Pop stars around!  But that’s not enough, and the girls want more, so they take more and become giantess size in time for their first outdoor performance! What will the girls do to their boyfriends, girlfriends and their fans with their new size?

And for the first time from ZZZ Comics – choose your own version and ending!  The GTS POP version has more female growth/clothes ripping/shoes busting with giantess on normal size man sex and giantess with two normal size women sex and no male growth, and the GTS POP MG Ending version has less giantess growth and sex with giantess but also has a 5 page male muscle, height and penis growth/clothes ripping with male giant growing during sex and outgrowing his giantess GTS Pop singer partner alternate ending!  There is also the combo option where you can get both versions.

Growth is caused by eating food. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ and Sandy Brown, art by Black Mamba.