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Do you love female muscle, slow growth, and growth caused by food? Then Growgurt is for you! Bree is a fitness competitor in the lower weight league, but when she decides to try Growgurt, her body, strength and sexual appetite for her boyfriend grows and grows! What happens when Bree takes more than the intended daily dose of Growgurt? What about when the other girls happen upon some Growgurt? This comic contains Giantess, mini giantess, FMG, amazons, clothes ripping, tennis shoe busting, feats of strength, growth during sex, growth during oral sex, growth during weight lifting and more!

Growth is caused by eating Growgurt, working out and sexual stimulation. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3510. Written by ZZZ & Sydney Brown, lines by Rob, inks by Rzenio, Colors by Raul and Cexi.

Collectors Edition is 52 pages and includes all text and no text pages, a 3 page inked pages sneak peek of GTS Rift, a FMG giantess comic movie spoof where building size giantess cause destruction, the sneak peek features FMG, clothes ripping, and muscle giantess having her way with a bridge and sailboat. Growgurt pencil and ink pages featuring muscle growth and clothes ripping during sex, advanced full color preview of Ripped Tide, a sexy lifeguard finds herself slowly growing bigger and stronger every day after exposure to mysterious algae with art by Vitamin Z art team, and advanced full color preview of Amazons vs Ants with a large sexy amazon easily handling and crushing one of the giant ants and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition