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The new power couple at school seem bigger every time they’re seen! She’s the strongest and tallest girl in school and he’s the biggest guy! Heather and Eric are friends for years but suddenly they are both much bigger and stronger than anyone around them. But how did it happen, and just how big will they get? This comic contains Giantess, Female Muscle Growth(FMG), muscle giantess growth and non muscle busty tall woman growth, Clothes ripping, height growth, ass growth, male muscle, height and penis growth, sex with normal size woman and giant size muscular and well endowed man, sex with normal size skinny man and large and growing mini giantess amazon, room filling giantess growth, feats of strength, cum shot on back of normal size woman by giant, cum shot on face of giantess by normal size man, arm insertion into giantess, oral sex from giantess and more!

Collectors edition includes all text and no text images, a black background color pin up of Ellawen the muscle elf by HSefra with colors by David Delanty, advanced 2 panel full color preview of We Are Gods mini by Vitamin Z artist Arturo featuring clothes busting FMG growth, advanced full color 2 panel preview of Right Size for Cosplay 4 featuring oral sex to mini giantess from normal size woman, and advanced full color 2 panel preview of Growth Formula 3 featuring building size giant and giantess having sex while giantess grows and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition