Grow U 3


Product Description

Valerie is getting bigger than she expected! Could Joanna, her college professor, have something to do with it? And what will Heather, Ray and Eric do now that they are the biggest people in school? And what else can the ring do? Find out in Grow U 3! This comic contains Giantess, Female Muscle Growth(FMG), giant couple, muscle giantess growth and non muscle busty tall woman growth, size transfer, beauty enhancement with hair lengthening and hair color change, Clothes ripping, shoe busting, height growth, ass growth, male muscle, height and penis growth, giant size couple, sex with very tall busty mini giantess and giant size muscular and well endowed man, sex with large muscular man and large and growing mini giantess into mini giantess amazon, oral sex to very large giant male from tall busty giantess and normal size woman at the same time, giant amazon growth during sex with giant and size comparison and specific parts growing on command before other parts grow and more!

All 86 text and 86 no text images are included at the normal edition price too!