Grow Fighter One



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The muscle growth filled tournament is here! From the pages of Sizeable Tales 2, Grow Fighter One follows Gemma, a would be fighter trying to prove her strength, endurance(or lack thereof, specially in sex) and growing appetite for apple pie! But that’s not the only thing growing! When Gemma accidentally wins the size enhancing Size Ripper from her boyfriend Jude, Gemma goes from cute skinny girlfriend to very large and in charge powerful sexy amazon! How will she handle the sexy pop star school girl fighter Anna and sexy female driver in suit fighter Malory, both of which are able to grow with a size ripper too? And what does Gemma do in bed to her boyfriend Jude with her new size? Find out in Grow FIghter One! This comic contains mini giantess, FMG, amazons, clothes ripping, shoe busting, feats of strength, girl on girl fights, large amazon on normal size man sex, large amazon face sitting on normal size man, oral sex from normal size man to large amazon and more!

Growth is caused by size ripper device. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3600. Written by ZZZ, art by Danusko Campos.

Collectors Edition is 51 pages and includes all text and no text pages, a 3 stage FMG growth sequence of Maya from Colossal Size Cheat drawn by Wagner, full color character designs of all the new characters in Grow Fighter One, sketch pages featuring FMG, clothes ripping and large amazon on normal size man sex, advanced full color preview of Double Dice, an RPG tabletop game has sucked real people into it, and now the dice make big changes on them, this preview features female growth and shoe busting/clothes ripping. Advanced full color preview of Edge of Humanity 4, this preview features a large powerful Delilah going wild and chasing after everyone, and a very advanced sneak peek of Metal Grow Stronger, a FMG filled video game spoof, and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition