Gigante Lake



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Want to be noticed? Sexier? Bigger? The models of Gigante Lake did, so they decided to try the experimental Gigante Drink! Every day at the cabin by the lake they drink it and the girls grow sexier and bigger, clothes tighter and smaller on their bodies because of it. Dominant Carlotta already started at 6′ tall before she started growing and her boyfriend Steve that worships her body loves it! Then there’s shrimpy Candy who hates her size so decides to take more than her daily dose! Nerdy Ray measures the growing girls daily and gets a nice big(and growing) surprise from a very aroused Candy because of it! Giantess, breast growth, clothes ripping, sandal busting. beauty enhancement, slow growth over time and fast growth, growth during sex, cumshot on face, ass worship, oral sex, face sitting, and more!

Growth is caused by Gigante Drink. All characters 18 or older. All images are 2550×3300. Written by ZZZ, art by HSefra.

Collectors edition is Gigante sized! 10 bonus pages! Included are the first 4 pages of Gigante drink drawn by a completely different artist, Onagi, 2 of the pages are line art and 2 of the pages are full color and lettering! Also a character design page, showing a comparison between Onagi character designs and Hsefra character designs. A sketch page by HSefra from Gigante Lake, a full color preview of Goddesszilla 2 featuring giantess cat fight, while one is giving a normal size man oral, a full color preview of A Growing World, the comic that will launch a world full of growing women, featuring a growth sequence, and line art preview of NinGTSu, the ninja girls gone giantess(and SW) comic set in the same world as Pixie No More! And a 3 stage growth sequence of the Big Elf drawn by Norin Jenei artist of Goddesszilla 1 and colored by Len, colorist from Pixie No more.

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition