Edge of Humanity 3



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Amber, William, Delilah and the rest of the Edge of Humanity characters are back with new characters and looking for action, growth, rough sex and more! This time around Amber makes a new friend bigger and then they have their way with a very lucky truck driver, Delilah tries to find a cure with the help of William, plus Gloria and Duarte are brought near death but there is hope when Gloria starts to feel very tingly, and clothes tighter… This comic contains FMG, mini GTS, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping /shoe busting, hair lengthening, beauty enhancement, male penis growth, growth during rough sex, rough 3 way sex with one lucky truck driver and 2 muscular amazons, sex involving a muscular man and a very aroused and growing amazon, oral sex from 2 amazons, oral sex on amazons, peril, feats of strength, car and truck destruction and more!

Growth is caused by sex, adrenaline and scratch. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3607. Written by ZZZ, art by Rukasu.

Collectors Edition is 52 pages and includes all 21 pages as well as all 21 pages with no text, 3 stage growth sequence of Medeia from 3GTS by new ZZZ comics artists The Silvas, character design sketch page including various looks for new character Fleur, line art page featuring oral sex from 2 mini giantess amazons at once on one guy, advanced full color preview of The Island Of Doctor Morgro showing main character Edina finding her clothes a little tighter than usual and giving oral sex to one of the natives, Advanced full color preview of Colossal Size Cheat featuring a super sized Maya pouring growth formula into an already large Dewey’s mouth while he is having sex with super size Betty, Advanced full color preview of Nozama Transfer 2 featuring new character Dean trying to use the necklace only to have sexy new character Carla activate it instead, and advanced pencil preview of UV Me featuring the very muscular amazons hanging around the pool while scrawny Gerald gets lucky with one of the biggest(and soon to be bigger) of those muscular babes!

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