AGW The Family 3



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The family with the sexy growing giantess daughter and shrinking/growing sexy Milf are back! This time Alex and mini giantess Donna find themselves at the mercy of a very horny mini giantess teacher ready to discipline the both of them – she strats by giving Donna No Gro, which causes her to shrink so small she fits in the teachers Bra! Meanwhile Marisol is being tempted by her sexy friend and coworker Sharon while at the clothing store, causing them both to outgrow their clothing while sexual teasing ensues, and Dave is being seduced by sexy mini giantess Helena while at work, can he resist her growing charms? And how will Fay get revenge on the now tall busty nerdy girls? This comic contains giantess, mini giantess, shrunken woman, breast growth, height growth, ass growth, shrinking, clothes ripping, clothes loosening, shoe busting, mini giantess growth, multiple giantess growing, mini giantess on mini giantess both growing during sexual stimulation of each other, mini giantess teacher on normal size male student and shrunken woman in her bra during sex, mini giantess shrinking small enough to fit in mini giantess bra, cum shot on face of mini giantess and cum shot on body of shrunken woman, shrunken woman grinding on nipple of mini giantess, handheld shrunken woman by mini giantess and normal size man, and more with bigger pages than our standard comic!

Growth and shrinking is caused by sexual stimulation, green gas and pill. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3916. Written by Henry Buto and ZZZ, art by Pop-Lee.

Collectors Edition is 51 pages and includes a 3 stage giantess growth sequence of Lynn from Goddesszilla drawn by Arturo(Ripped Tide line artist), alternate pencil page, pencil page and ink page featuring clothes ripping giantess growth, titty fucking giantess, shrunken woman riding nipple and giantess growing out of her clothes as her panties ride up her pussy, advanced full color preview of Leaves of Change 2 featuring a shrunken Lorna bouncing into some very big cleavage, and advanced full color preview of Zenith Scepter 2 by GTS Pop artist Black Mamba featuring 2 tall busty female basketball players teasing Wally and his 2 cute female gymanst friends while Wally holds the scepter and more!

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Collector’s Edition, Normal Edition