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When outfits start ripping, when men start getting towered over by sexy growing women, when those women start taking advantage of everyone smaller than, who will step in to set things straight(or join in)? AGW Enforcers! AGW Enforcers is set in the AGW world where all women have grown much taller than men and are able to make themselves grow even bigger. This includes criminals who take advantage of their new size or of the new growfy drug to cause random acts of crimes(and sex) via giantess growth! The Enforcers are an elite team put together to handle these law breaking women, armed with a powerful shrinking serum – which usually leaves the criminal as small as a doll! See as the gas cloud travels through the police station causing the female police officers and female criminals to grow into sexy lusty giantesses and have their way with the men around them! See the new drug make a mini giantess into an even bigger sex hungry giantess only to be shrunken to doll size by the Enforcers. And the biggest giantess in the AGW series so far goes on a sexual rampage! How will the AGW Enforcers get close enough to stop her? AGW Enforcers contains giantess, breast growth, ass growth, clothes ripping, shoe busting, mini giantess growth, giantess growth, multiple giantess growing, two mini giantess on normal size man, mini giantess on normal size man having sex, oral sex from mini giantess, mini giantess and giantess shrinking to doll size, hand held shrunken woman, giantess insertion of normal size man, a police station full of growing women/mini giantess and more!

Growth and shrinking is caused by sexual stimulation, green gas and pill. All characters are 18 or older. All images are 2550×3916. Written by ZZZ and Henry Buto, art by Pop-Lee.

Collectors Edition is 58 pages and includes all 24 pages as well as 24 pages no text, a 3 stage growth sequence of Minnie from Witches Rope by Omar, the first 7 pages of Enforcers drawn by a completely different artist in pencil, the next 3 pages skecthed by the same artist, the first page drawn and inked by a third artist, full color preview of Alicia Goes Wonderland 2 featuring Alicia being handled by a giantess as well as vine tentacle sex, full color preview of Witches Rope featuring growing woman and shrinking man size transfer with art by AGW artist Pop-Lee!

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