Returning Artists and Updates

Some good news guys, I have several comics in the works with returning artists! As you may already have seen in our gallery Resizer is back with the artist from the previous chapter, but here’s a few more in development and some from artists we haven’t worked with in a while:

Leaves of Change 3 with the same art team as Leaves of Change 2, picks up right where part 2 left off. End of summer estimated arrival.

UPDATE – Jurassic GTS 4 will have a new line artist but same colorist as Jurassic GTS 2, this will conclude the Jurassic GTS series(a soft reboot is planned after part 4).
Early Fall estimated arrival.

Bracelets of Transfer 2 mini comic with same artist and picking up where it left off. Early fall estimated arrival.

My GTS Ex Girlfriend 3 with same artist as part 2(Yes, Kevin is back working on it!) Early Fall estimated arrival.

Vitamin Z 2 and Ripped Tide 2 continue with Arturo and Cexi. Mid summer and end of summer arrival(Ripped Tide 2 arrives first)

As for rendered comics, Sizemancer Quest 2 and 3GTS 3 are on my radar as is Growing Circle 4. The order I make these is still to be determined.

There’s others in the works too but still in the very early stages.

If you have questions about any series continuations or artists returning feel free to send a message through the contact form.

I’ve also got a couple positive big announcements coming in the next couple weeks.