Printed ZZZ Comic Books and art Prints at conventions!

Hey guys, I am happy to announce that for the first time ever we will have printed comic books and 11″x17″ in at least two comic conventions this year! The two comics will be Farm Grown 1 and Pixie No More 1! The art prints will be with giantess and muscle amazon art from The Silva Brothers, HSefra and more! Here are the two conventions that are currently planned:

AzeventureCon in Phoenix, Arizona – For this one you will need to look for the Mount Olympus Comics table and ask to see the ZZZ Comics comics and prints. Tickets are selling out fast for this convention and you can buy them here:

SizeCon 2017 in New York – You’ll find us at the ZZZ Comics table for this one. Tickets can be bought here, including an exclusive ZZZ Comics ticket option, only two are left of the exclusive option:

If you are interested in ordering the comics or prints for delivery send a note through the contact form.