New Illustrated Pages Coming To Patreon!

Hey guys, sorry for the long quiet time here. I have been looking for ways to keep things going while paying the bills and the artists. I am going to try and lean heavier into Patreon for now. I am posting a couple pages per month, and more depending on how much funds we can get going in there. Currently I am posting Major Mayhem pages 1-3 which will continue later in the year, but this is just to give some content – while all new pages are being worked on! Exemi is at work on the next chapter of “More for you” while WolfGee is working on a new story “Super Sizeio Sisters” a spoof on a fan favorite plumber, his 3 favorite princesses and a magical crown! You know where this is growing…going! All of this will be posted on Patreon over time. Once they are complete they will be comics in the store for those who don’t use Patreon. If you do sign up for our Patreon, you’ll have access way before everyone, you get to see the sketches, character designs and much more! The higher the patreon gets, the more pages, content and comics I will be able to GROW for everyone!

Check out our Patreon here: